6 Types of Headaches to Avoid While Moving

TWO MEN Atlanta has been moving people forward for over 12 years. As ITP’s most trusted mover, we’d like to help your family avoid as much moving related stress as possible. Check out our top 6 ways to be the least prepared for your move:

  1. Asking family and friends for moving help. Heirlooms, priceless art (toddler and accomplished artists alike) and daily furniture will leave you upset when the items are damaged.
  2. Booking a storage unit to get a deal not the right amount of space. Avoid the confusion and multiple trips to a storage facility by asking a move consultant what can fit into each unit offered.
  3. Not using a runner. It’s not if we’ll get rain on move day, its when we’ll get rain. Dress your family, self and home for the unexpected.
  4. Waiting to turn on utilities until move week. No internet or power is not an option. Stay successfully in 2017 by planning 1-2 months ahead with your utility companies.
  5. Checking your new AC units/thermostat on move day. Humidity is a bear without proper AC. 
  6. Not donating unused presents to charity. Less stuff means you’ll love unpacking! All of your favorite items will be needed and used.



10 Minute, 10 Step Solution for the Best Move

Moving in Georgia can be tricky. Our weather patterns seem more like Florida lately. We’ve got a ridiculous of mosquito attacking us this summer. Don’t even get us started on the traffic, shout out to all the construction. Bringing it all full-circle and you’ve got a bunch of attitude. Avoid relocation anxiety with our 10 steps:

  1. Plan so far in advance it hurts to be that responsible. See steps 2-10 for clarification.
  2. Research in stages. Time is precious, finding time to learn about new things can be tough with busy schedules.
  3. Avoid asking friends and family to help you pack, move or unpack. Believe us, they will mess something up. Accidents happen, use TWO MEN Atlanta’s professionally trained staff instead of your loved ones.
  4. Ask a ridiculous amount of questions during your estimate. The more the merrier! Whether it’s your first time using a mover or 100th time, don’t be afraid to ask.
  5. Push for an in-home estimate. We’re all human. Busy people make mistakes. Get your most accurate relocation quote by asking for a in-home consultation.
  6. Flat rates are the best rates. Traffic, weather, scheduling conflicts- life is full of unexpected events. Don’t let your moving bill be a surprise.
  7. Look further than review sites. Ask your neighbors, family, coworkers and even a few strangers at the grocery store about their moving experiences.
  8. Get your packing squared away before move day. Oh the joys of move day. Sleep more soundly by packing as much as possible a week-2 days ahead of your scheduled move.
  9. Make plans to see or visit your old neighborhood pals. Kids, pets and even grown-ups enjoy farmiliar faces. Arrange a pen pal plan for long-distance moving or plan a visit 2-3 weeks after your move day.
  10. Meet your new neighbors and keep up with them! Don’t be a hermit. The more your new neighbors see you the more they’ll subconsciously keep an eye out for your home.

If you spend 10 minutes a day tackling a couple of these items, you’ll be much less worried about moving. Let us know how you get ready for relocation in the comment section!

Space Made Simple

With so many options, slowing down isn’t always an option. TWO MEN Atlanta wants to help simplify your space issues. We offer storage, delivery and box supplies at competitive rates. All of our storage units are indoors, locked and untouched until you need your items again. Here’s a few ways storage can keep your life moving:

-Safety. Our storage units are indoors, sectioned off, locked and available for you to visit during business hours Monday-Saturday.

-Flexibility. As a full-service moving company we can pack, move, store, deliver, dissemble and reassemble furniture, unpack and assist with interior moving needs. Our professionally trained staff can pick up your items for storage.

-Peace of mind. During renovations or when family and friends visit, storage can help your spare room actually look like a guest room. Ditch the clutter safely in our storage.

-Room for your newest blessing. Nesting can take a lot of time! Preparing your home before the little one comes might take more effort and area than is available. Keep it simple by using storage for old furniture and unused items.

Browse more tips on storage throughout out blog by using the search term “packing” and “storage”. What’s your family’s favorite part about storage? Tell us in the comment section to be featured in a future post!

Research Your Mover Like a Pro

TWO MEN Atlanta believes the more thought, communication and effort you put into your move the smoother it will be. Choosing to hire a moving company or move yourself is requires a lot of research. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Atlanta understands there’s a lot of noise without answers. However, the best way to weed through your research:

  1. Run a “closest movers to (insert your zip code)” search.
  2. Check out their reviews on your favorite review platforms.
  3. Not into reviews, ask you neighbors, classmates, carpool line friends, religious/club members and family how they’ve moved before.
  4. Go through your favorite social platforms. See what your mover says online to others.
  5. Use a relocation service that puts the community first. Check out your options and see which companies support similar non-profits to your interests.

Hope this helps during your search for moving help! TWO MEN Atlanta is proud to support its customers, neighbors and community members in need through Movers for Moms and Movers for Mutts. We also partner with local non-profits to help donate our service and time pro bono.

Know a non-profit who needs a few muscles to move things? Send us an email @ info0283@twomen.com or leave us their name in the comment section!

Downsizing Early

Overtime we accumulate a ton of junk. Junk could be things we need, thought we needed or were given and not used. Any of those possibilities could be true but what happens when your family needs to change pace? TWO MEN Atlanta has a few tricks that will prevent your downsizing dilemma:

  1. Donate often. Giving back is so freeing! Our movers can take gently used items to the charity of your choice at your convenience. Check out a few vetted non-profits for ideas.
  2. Give heirlooms away. Letting the next generation enjoy the novelty you once felt is special. Storytelling skills not included but highly recommended.
  3. Purge together. Sifting through donation vs. dumper piles can be rough. Have a purge party with your loved ones. TWO MEN Atlanta can pick up everything you don’t need anymore and take it to the dump.
  4. Recycle and reuse. Dispose of old glass, cans, cardboard, containers, clothing and paint at various centers. Our movers can help run this errand. We’re happy to bring packing supplies to replace damaged storage containers, too.
  5. Compost. Seems weird but can be very awesome to watch. Leave a compost bin on the porch for your garden. Teaching moment!


Have tips on downsizing you’d like to share? Drop some wisdom on us in the comment section!

Moving Motivation

Dreading move-in week? Worry about bigger and better things like what pizza toppings, concerts to attend or snagging those last minute class supplies. TWO MEN Atlanta can handle the heavy stuff! Our current and veteran college students on staff came up with easy ways to get your mind right:

-Pack with purpose. Leave the heavy stuff at the bottom of your containers or boxes. Keep an eye out for less durable or fragile items. Wrap with delicate things with scarves, sweaters or pillow cases.

-Keep like items together. Seems logical but last minute packing can mean extra hours unpacking. Ditch the chaos, plan ahead.

-Clean boxes, all day. Want bed bugs, weird looking creatures in your food and counter tops? Us either. Avoid those by using fresh, clean boxes from TWO MEN Atlanta. Need more than just a few boxes? We’ve got muscle, packing supplies and furniture help at your convenience.

-HDMI cord. Also commonly forgotten until your monitor or TV won’t display with you need it to in time to finish that paper. You’re welcome.

-Get help for move day. Don’t ask mom, dad, grandma or your friends to sweat it out with you. Nobody really enjoys moving except our trained professionals.

-Utilize in-store pickup options. Leaving for school out of Georgia is a hassle, shipping your car and other items can take time and a lot of coordination. Have a relative meet our movers at where your in-store items need to be picked up. We can bring it upstairs to your dorm and put everything together. Less to worry about!

-Bring a variety pack of extension cords. Technology hasn’t slowed down but your building might be a behind the times. Stay ready with USB outlets, 3-prong converters and different length multi-prong surge protectors.

-Use storage for an easy transition. See, TWO MEN Atlanta even has your back when you graduate. Fall, spring, summer or winter we can lend you extra space while you’re in between school and real life responsibility.

Easiest Ways to Save on Moving Costs

Whether you’ve moved once or over ten times, moving is a process. Planning ahead with TWO MEN Atlanta can save you a lot of frustration. We’re halfway to December so saving season has officially started. Keep more of your favorite resources (time and money) tucked away for rainy days with these simple tricks:

-Use clean packing supplies. Boxes take a beating. Stick with clean, fresh boxes and packing supplies to avoid spills.

-Tape all box flaps down. Reinforcements are SO needed for heavier items. TWO MEN Atlanta is happy to help pack and unpack your belongings.

-Set aside money in advance for your move. Incidentals like last minute utilities, take-out cash and a few dollars for power outlet adapters work wonders.

-Plan your move on a Monday or Tuesday. Traffic is slower after all the school traffic slows down. With Atlanta traffic, this could trim your move down by $$$’s.

-Meet the neighbors in advance. TWO MEN Atlanta believes making friends with neighbors can help in the long run. They’ll watch your home more often if you’re always friendly.


Have some frugal tips that you like using better? Leave us your favorites in the comment section.

Senior Moving

TWO MEN Atlanta has a few tips and tricks for moving your loved ones. Transitioning to a new environment can be tough. Embrace new memories together!

  • Choose together. Give your parents or grandparents the space to make their own choice. Have a few options ready and keep communication open.
  • Team up with other family members to visit. Whether your parents move in with their adult children, assisted living or adult community block weekends to visit. Knowing when family will come by can help ease moving tension.
  • Bring a digital photo album with hundreds of photos. Old memories, recent birthdays and black and white photos are highly recommended. Surround your loved ones with as many comforts as possible.
  • Hire TWO MEN Atlanta to move the heavy stuff. Our movers live by the Grandma Rule. TWO MEN Atlanta treats clients as if they were their own relatives. We have a special place in our hearts for our grandparents and clients!

moving with box 2.jpg

Moving can be rough without TWO MEN Atlanta. Don’t pull a muscle if you have us to do the heavy lifting! Relax while we take care of the bookshelves, trunk and armoire your parents can’t part with.

College Move In Day

Moving, settling in and getting to all the meetings during college move week gets hectic. Spend more time helping your student and less time icing your back by hiring TWO MEN Atlanta. Our movers can lift the heavy stuff while you direct traffic or sit back and relax in the common room. Here’s a few more ways to take it easy during move day:

  1. Mandatory snack time. Candy bar companies weren’t lying about hunger triggering anger. Take a few moments between meetings to munch.
  2. Take breaks and explore. New campus, new people, same love for adventures. Walk around the dorm and a few trails with your student.
  3. Bring a variety pack of extension cords. When your student and their roommate/s are all in the same room, choosing sides will mean different outlets. Be prepared with surge protectors, 2-prong to 3-prong adapters, single/dual plug extension cords and USB extensions.
  4. Use multiple box fans. IKEA furniture, rasing/lowering beds and closet arrangement can take a lot of time and movement. Consider using TWO MEN Chamblee to put furniture together while you attend dorm meetings.


Have tips that work better than ours? Drop a few in the comment section!

Move Tip Tuesday

Ever wonder where everything went? The day after your move boxes are everywhere, your phone is buzzing and settling in is the furthest thing from your mind.  TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Atlanta gathered a few tips for taking it easy after move day:

moving tip.jpg

  1. Toiletries- super important but always ignored. Toothbrush, toothpaste, shower essentials and feminine hygiene products are a great start.
  2. Day of Move Box- think more in the ball park of first-week-in-your-new-home for less headache. Many items will be needed to settle in, use color coding stickies or sharpies.
  3. Include kitchen essentials! We cannot express how important not eating PB&J is for the third night in a row.
  4. Snacks! Your DeKalb moving professionals can take most of the moving pains away from your family but not the hunger pains. Settling in feels great with a snack basket and picnic blanket. You’re welcome.

Let us know how your family settles into a new home in the comments section!

For more ideas on how to get packing check out our pinterest_favicon-01 Pinterest.