Does Moving Have An Off-Season?

Football season is around the corner! Our Atlanta love for the SEC might be all over the place but is totally a religion. In the spirit of football, our staff wanted to answer a few questions from our Facebook followers:

Question: Does TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Marietta have cheaper rates on it’s slower days?

Answer: Truthfully, there is no slow season for moving. Our professionally trained, licensed, bonded and insured movers are always on-the-go. For cheaper rates, see if weekdays are discounted.

Question: What’s the best time to move?

Answer: When you and yours are most prepared. Grabbing a few in-home estimates to compare and weighing your price options is a great start.

Question: How can I cut my moving costs?

Answer: Ask for a packing supply or box bundle. Your favorite realtor, loved one or friend who’s in the moving business might have the hook up. Always, always, always ask for clean, fresh boxes to avoid an infestation. 

Question: Why should I ask for a flat rate?

Answer: Moving costs can be rough. Keep surprises away from move day by asking, ‘is that the best you can do? What’s your flat rate based on my itemized list?’

Question: Who will be my primary contact for moving day?

Answer: You’ll likely speak to a customer service rep, in-home estimator, operations assistant and operations manager before even meeting your move team. Decide which personality you like best and ask to have their direct line on file for move day. Otherwise, each branch of TWO MEN Atlanta will help!

Question: If I want to move myself, why would I need a moving company?

Answer: Time is a dear resource. If moving is something you can physically handle, carving out time might be the hardest part. TWO MEN Atlanta comes into play in your moving experience by releasing the hassle, time-suck and accountability away from your friends and family who begrudgingly agreed to help.

Question: Why should I pack in advance?

Answer: To speed up your setting-in process at the new place. Packing on move day is for the birds! Check out our Pinterest organization, cardboard recycling and move day boards for a cheat sheet.


For more moving tips, stay tuned! If you’ve got a moving question or wish to know more about a topic related to moving DM us on Twitter or leave a comment below.


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