6 Types of Headaches to Avoid While Moving

TWO MEN Atlanta has been moving people forward for over 12 years. As ITP’s most trusted mover, we’d like to help your family avoid as much moving related stress as possible. Check out our top 6 ways to be the least prepared for your move:

  1. Asking family and friends for moving help. Heirlooms, priceless art (toddler and accomplished artists alike) and daily furniture will leave you upset when the items are damaged.
  2. Booking a storage unit to get a deal not the right amount of space. Avoid the confusion and multiple trips to a storage facility by asking a move consultant what can fit into each unit offered.
  3. Not using a runner. It’s not if we’ll get rain on move day, its when we’ll get rain. Dress your family, self and home for the unexpected.
  4. Waiting to turn on utilities until move week. No internet or power is not an option. Stay successfully in 2017 by planning 1-2 months ahead with your utility companies.
  5. Checking your new AC units/thermostat on move day. Humidity is a bear without proper AC. 
  6. Not donating unused presents to charity. Less stuff means you’ll love unpacking! All of your favorite items will be needed and used.



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