10 Minute, 10 Step Solution for the Best Move

Moving in Georgia can be tricky. Our weather patterns seem more like Florida lately. We’ve got a ridiculous of mosquito attacking us this summer. Don’t even get us started on the traffic, shout out to all the construction. Bringing it all full-circle and you’ve got a bunch of attitude. Avoid relocation anxiety with our 10 steps:

  1. Plan so far in advance it hurts to be that responsible. See steps 2-10 for clarification.
  2. Research in stages. Time is precious, finding time to learn about new things can be tough with busy schedules.
  3. Avoid asking friends and family to help you pack, move or unpack. Believe us, they will mess something up. Accidents happen, use TWO MEN Atlanta’s professionally trained staff instead of your loved ones.
  4. Ask a ridiculous amount of questions during your estimate. The more the merrier! Whether it’s your first time using a mover or 100th time, don’t be afraid to ask.
  5. Push for an in-home estimate. We’re all human. Busy people make mistakes. Get your most accurate relocation quote by asking for a in-home consultation.
  6. Flat rates are the best rates. Traffic, weather, scheduling conflicts- life is full of unexpected events. Don’t let your moving bill be a surprise.
  7. Look further than review sites. Ask your neighbors, family, coworkers and even a few strangers at the grocery store about their moving experiences.
  8. Get your packing squared away before move day. Oh the joys of move day. Sleep more soundly by packing as much as possible a week-2 days ahead of your scheduled move.
  9. Make plans to see or visit your old neighborhood pals. Kids, pets and even grown-ups enjoy farmiliar faces. Arrange a pen pal plan for long-distance moving or plan a visit 2-3 weeks after your move day.
  10. Meet your new neighbors and keep up with them! Don’t be a hermit. The more your new neighbors see you the more they’ll subconsciously keep an eye out for your home.

If you spend 10 minutes a day tackling a couple of these items, you’ll be much less worried about moving. Let us know how you get ready for relocation in the comment section!


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