Downsizing Early

Overtime we accumulate a ton of junk. Junk could be things we need, thought we needed or were given and not used. Any of those possibilities could be true but what happens when your family needs to change pace? TWO MEN Atlanta has a few tricks that will prevent your downsizing dilemma:

  1. Donate often. Giving back is so freeing! Our movers can take gently used items to the charity of your choice at your convenience. Check out a few vetted non-profits for ideas.
  2. Give heirlooms away. Letting the next generation enjoy the novelty you once felt is special. Storytelling skills not included but highly recommended.
  3. Purge together. Sifting through donation vs. dumper piles can be rough. Have a purge party with your loved ones. TWO MEN Atlanta can pick up everything you don’t need anymore and take it to the dump.
  4. Recycle and reuse. Dispose of old glass, cans, cardboard, containers, clothing and paint at various centers. Our movers can help run this errand. We’re happy to bring packing supplies to replace damaged storage containers, too.
  5. Compost. Seems weird but can be very awesome to watch. Leave a compost bin on the porch for your garden. Teaching moment!


Have tips on downsizing you’d like to share? Drop some wisdom on us in the comment section!


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