Moving Motivation

Dreading move-in week? Worry about bigger and better things like what pizza toppings, concerts to attend or snagging those last minute class supplies. TWO MEN Atlanta can handle the heavy stuff! Our current and veteran college students on staff came up with easy ways to get your mind right:

-Pack with purpose. Leave the heavy stuff at the bottom of your containers or boxes. Keep an eye out for less durable or fragile items. Wrap with delicate things with scarves, sweaters or pillow cases.

-Keep like items together. Seems logical but last minute packing can mean extra hours unpacking. Ditch the chaos, plan ahead.

-Clean boxes, all day. Want bed bugs, weird looking creatures in your food and counter tops? Us either. Avoid those by using fresh, clean boxes from TWO MEN Atlanta. Need more than just a few boxes? We’ve got muscle, packing supplies and furniture help at your convenience.

-HDMI cord. Also commonly forgotten until your monitor or TV won’t display with you need it to in time to finish that paper. You’re welcome.

-Get help for move day. Don’t ask mom, dad, grandma or your friends to sweat it out with you. Nobody really enjoys moving except our trained professionals.

-Utilize in-store pickup options. Leaving for school out of Georgia is a hassle, shipping your car and other items can take time and a lot of coordination. Have a relative meet our movers at where your in-store items need to be picked up. We can bring it upstairs to your dorm and put everything together. Less to worry about!

-Bring a variety pack of extension cords. Technology hasn’t slowed down but your building might be a behind the times. Stay ready with USB outlets, 3-prong converters and different length multi-prong surge protectors.

-Use storage for an easy transition. See, TWO MEN Atlanta even has your back when you graduate. Fall, spring, summer or winter we can lend you extra space while you’re in between school and real life responsibility.


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