Senior Moving

TWO MEN Atlanta has a few tips and tricks for moving your loved ones. Transitioning to a new environment can be tough. Embrace new memories together!

  • Choose together. Give your parents or grandparents the space to make their own choice. Have a few options ready and keep communication open.
  • Team up with other family members to visit. Whether your parents move in with their adult children, assisted living or adult community block weekends to visit. Knowing when family will come by can help ease moving tension.
  • Bring a digital photo album with hundreds of photos. Old memories, recent birthdays and black and white photos are highly recommended. Surround your loved ones with as many comforts as possible.
  • Hire TWO MEN Atlanta to move the heavy stuff. Our movers live by the Grandma Rule. TWO MEN Atlanta treats clients as if they were their own relatives. We have a special place in our hearts for our grandparents and clients!

moving with box 2.jpg

Moving can be rough without TWO MEN Atlanta. Don’t pull a muscle if you have us to do the heavy lifting! Relax while we take care of the bookshelves, trunk and armoire your parents can’t part with.


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