Getting Rid Of Clutter Before Your Move

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Moving can be a stressful time for anyone, so why make it more difficult on yourself by having extra items to deal with? These are some great ways to remove extra items from your house.

Selling your items online

Selling online is a great option not only to help remove unwanted items, but also is a great way to make money. There are several sites online that can help you such as Craigslist and Ebay. Sort through some of your unwanted items and find things that would be sellable like Toys, Tools, and Furniture.

Sell your items at a moving sale

Moving sales are another great way to get rid of items. Sort through your things that you don’t need or want and set up tables for the sale. It’s always get to keep record of the things that are sold and have a cash box, for safe keeping.

Give away to friends and family

Still unsure how to get rid of your unwanted belongings? Why not ask friends or family? A great way to help you save time is to use social media sites like Facebook. Make a post and tag friends and family to see who might want your items. You never know who is looking for what.

Donate to a charity

Donating to a charity is also a great option. Once everything is sorted and gathered, it’s a great idea to take your items to your local Goodwill. They will be more than willing to take items off your hands. Also you can use your donations for a tax write off.


If everything else fails, recycle your items. This can be a good option if items are worn out and are in no condition to sell or give away. Look your local recycle center here!




Meet Your CSR: Beatrice

Today I spoke with another of our wonderful Customer Service Reps. Meet Beatrice!

Where are you from?

Beatrice was originally from Virgina and was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. She now resides with her husband of 12 years in Snellville, Georgia.

What is your favorite TV show?

Beatrice is a big fan of TV drama, and nothing gets her excited more than Empire! Empire is her favorite show when spending time off from work.

What is your favorite Musician?

Her favorite Musicians include: Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Prince. She admires how talented and versatile they are and the impact they have made on music and pop culture as a whole.

What do you do for fun when you’re not at work?

She loves spending time at the pool and roller skating. It helps keep her focused and relaxed when she is not at work.

What do you love the most about working at Two Men
And A Truck?

Beatrice enjoys working with our team and finds she loves helping people with their moves. She has a retail background and this has helped her with her challenging yet fulfilling job.

Summer Time Tunes For Your Move

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Moving can be a stressful time. Whether it be in the fall or summer. You’re worried about this and then, and freaked out about your time restraints. Why not cool off, by listening to some great summer tunes? Here are my top 10 summer tunes for your move.

  1. “Sunny Afternoon,” The Kinks

    This Kinks anthem of Summertime leisure is a rock n roll classic! Great
    to get you relaxed.

  2. “Rockaway Beach,” The Ramones

    A Punk Rock classic in it’s own right, this Ramones ode to Summertime should always get multiple plays.

  3. “Dancing In The Street,” Martha & The Vandellas

    Yet another Summer anthem, with it’s classic Motown beat is always a go too.

  4. “California Girls,” The Beach Boys

    The California Rock band’s ode to the women of California was later covered by David Lee Roth and became a major hit!

  5. “School’s Out,” Alice Cooper

    This rebel rocker about the last school bells is a classic. Nothing says “Summer” like this classic tune.

  6. “Vacation,” The Go-Gos

    The Go-Gos pop anthem about Summer Vacation is a great tune to get you in the SummerTime mood!

  7. “In The Sun,” Blondie

    This great rock anthem from NYC’s own, is a sleeper hit! It’s a great tune to get you in that Summer state of mind.

  8. “Rock Lobster,” The B-52s

    Athens Georgia New Wavers weird yet fun pop song about beach fun is an earworm. You will have a hard time getting this tune out of your head!

  9. “Summertime,” Sam Cooke

    The 60’s Soul Master’s Summertime tune is relaxing and comforting. It’s romantic and one of the great R&B songs of the decade.

  10.  “(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave,” Martha & The Vandellas

    Another tune from The Vandellas! It’s got that classic Motown sound that hits you in the gut and keeps you moving!

Best Moving Tip *Ever*

Professional movers, family, friends, neighbors or passersby all have different agendas. Since you can already learn more about your friends, adequateness and family via social, check out TWO MEN Chamblee’s favorite way to learn more about a business.


Wait for it…


Holistic reviews. Oh yeah, deep dive internet time. If your family is planning to rely on a moving company, educate yourself first. Here’s a few places to start:

  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • Friends & family’s use of moving companies
  • Ease of access to find the company/location
  • Are they mobile friendly?
  • Can you DM or text an associate with questions?
  • Does the moving company have recent reviews?
  • Are they verified on social?
  • Do they give back to your community?

Quick Guide: Packing

Oh the joys of moving! TWO MEN Atlanta has been in the neighborhood for over 14 years. Our staff understands how daunting move prep can be. We’ve got a few tips on a smooth pack:

  1. Label everything. We mean everything.
  2. Color coordinate all rooms and boxes in advance. Printables, colored duck tape or markers work wonders.
  3. Have an extra set of keys made for a loved one. Fear no more, an extra key is only a call away.
  4. Hire professionals. TWO MEN Atlanta packs and unpacks all day, everyday! Our packers are full-trained to best care for your belongings.
  5. Keep a trusted adult onsite. Neighbors, deliveries, move teams, UberEats, family friends are all expected to visit your home while packing. Our movers will communicate thoroughly, but a trusted loved one is always a good option.
  6. Sharpies are crucial. Expo markers, art supplies and the usual suspects laying around the kitchen may wipe off between locations. Sharpies stay on boxes, y’all!

We Love *Feedback Friday*

‘Tis the season to celebrate! Right before Christmas, everything speeds up. Before Christmas vacation, New Year celebrations and spending time with loved ones, TWO MEN Atlanta wants to slow down. We’re so proud of our front-line staff’s hard work, time and efforts.

Mike and Rashad the movers were great! They got everything moved so quickly and safely! Will definitely be using again!

-Jessica (Avondale Estates)

I would definitely recommend Two Men and a Truck to my friends and family for their moving experience[s].”

 -Qwan (Chamblee)

Two Men and a Truck saved our move during the Snow Blast in Atlanta Dec. 2017! Our two workers were great. Fast and efficient with time on the job. Great attitudes and willing to help with the move anyway possible. Atlanta to Acworth move. Thank you for a job well done.

 -Amy (Atlanta)

Arrived on time, pleasant and efficient. Work [was] completed properly and quickly.

 -Mary (Duluth)


Many thanks to our front-line staff who work tirelessly every day. We love hearing about your move experiences. Merry Christmas from the TWO MEN Chamblee!



How To Move Yourself In The Rain

TWO MEN Atlanta would love to help move your family forward. However, if you find yourself moving last minute or unable to plan out a move date, our staff have a few tips to help! Transitioning to a new home can be a production. Make sure you’re prepped and ready with these simple tricks:

-have an uplifting playlist and speakers charged

-pack 3 meals + water in a cooler

-make sure your moving transportation arrives within 1 hour of scheduled departure*

-leave 2 complete outfit changes in a day-of-move car bag

-pack toiletries, shower supplies, medication, vitamins and blankets for each family member

-dog treats, tethers and/or fencing

-friends to come by at 12pm/6pm/9pm with snacks and beverages



Deep breaths. You can do this! TWO MEN Chamblee works in the rain. So, good news- we can help! Let us know if you need us

2017 Movers for Mutts Recap ✓

Our second annual give back with PAWS Atlanta and Ahimsa House was a success. With the help of 16 awesome community partners, we collected 8 barrels and 2 pallets worth of donations! Tomorrow, 11/21 we’ll be posting live delivery feed to make sure pets in need get supplies they need in time for Thanksgiving.

Ahimsa House and PAWS Atlanta had different wish list needs. We’re so happy our collection partners were able to gather exactly what these awesome shelters needed.

Many thanks to our 2017 community partners for their wonderful donations.

Inman Park Pet Works | Krog Street Pet Works | Park Pet Supply | Atlanta Parent |Java Cats Cafe | CityDog Avondale Estates Pet Supplies Plus- Atlanta |Kirkwood Feed & Seed Pet’s Play Place on Ponce | Club Pilaties Brookhaven |Keller Williams Decatur Joe’s EAV Coffee Shop | Club Pilates Atlanta |


Interested in partnering during our 2018 give-back? DM us on Twitter or email us @!

Movers for Mutts: Ahimsa House


TWO MEN Atlanta is proud to support Ahimsa House for the second year in a row! Movers for Mutts aims to give back to shelters, rescues and pets in need all over the Metro Atlanta area. For our ITP and DeKalb communities, Movers for Mutts can keep a furry friend who’s family are victims of domestic violence out of harm’s way. Join us by becoming a local partner!

283_Mutts ahimsa

If you’re interested in becoming a collection site for Ahimsa House, DM us on Twitter! Not active on social? Leave your contact info in the comments section or send an email to

Want to get a little cardio in and meet your new best friend?! Join us at Ahimsa’s Walk, Wag ‘N Run on Saturday, 8/26! More into volunteering? Check out Ahimsa’s volunteer form for more info.

Event Prep: Like a Boss

TWO MEN Atlanta is proud to partner with local non-profits, businesses and community members during their relocation process. Oftentimes, businesses reach out to us to help set-up, break down or pull items to the right location. Get more fun out of your event by following these key event rules:

  1. Plan months in advance. Better safe than sorry is an understatement. Making sure vendors, event staff, tent companies, set up and breakdown are all scheduled is a good first step.
  2. Have 2-3 point persons. Volunteers, vendors, sponsors, attendees and event staff (etc.) will all have questions and concerns throughout your event. Streamline this by making sure multiple people are available for questions/concerns.
  3. Start walky-talky mode during set-up. Before the masses arrive, get your communication lines going. If not everyone has walky, make sure everyone has an external battery (and cell charging cord) for their phone. 
  4. Bring a ridiculous amount of water. Bet on much less free time than you’re everyday life allows.
  5. Ask for help. Volunteers from local 501c3s, schools or college students looking for extra credit can be a huge weight off your team’s shoulders. Having designated runners, check-in stations and vendor unload/load times are a huge plus with extra volunteers.

Know a few event coordinators who need our help? Leave their email in the comment section, email us @ or DM us on Twitter! Party and event planners: which tips work best with your teams?